July 8, 2014

Everything went black and the black lasted for a long time.


The Need to

May 5, 2012

Something came rushing up behind them. It was a rush of hot air. It pushed them roughly and then lifted them into the air. They were swept along and up. The Donkey was spinning so madly she felt the need to puke. Bravely she tried to hold on to her stomach. A sudden wet sticky sensation down her back told her the Monkey HAD felt the same way. The Donkey spun and AIMED carefully…


April 18, 2012

Suddenly the ground shook. Monkey and Donkey exchanged worried glances. It was probably nothing. They almost relaxed. Then the ground shook again and rolled up under their feet like a wave. Chunks of roof came crashing down. They ducked and weaved. On second thoughts, exchanging glances once more, better to chase off the pant monster and speed up. They could always breath later.

Pant Monster

April 17, 2012

Soon they were running again. I’ll never have a chance to get fat, thought the Donkey wistfully. They were running up hill, which was almost a neat trick as they were still far underground. Despite many years of long practice, all this running was bring out the pant monster in them. Pant! Pant! Pant!

Rung by Rung

August 24, 2011

The ladder led up to a narrow ledge, where another ladder was waiting with open rungs. This one was a bit more difficult to climb but the Monkey and Donkey were both in a hurry. They sped up the ladder as if their tails were on fire. The next ladder that waited for them was missing rungs. No problem for the Monkey and the Donkey just aped the Monkey much to the surprise of the Monkey.

Swiping Range

July 16, 2011

In a flash the Monkey pulled the Donkey over to the ladder. The Donkey grunted as the Monkey clambered onto her back and onto the ladder. From the lowest rungs the Monkey hauled the Donkey up by the ears. The Donkeys loud protests at this treatment was abruptly cut short as something made a swipe at her ever so sensitive rear end. Some desperate clambering soon got the Donkey and her fore-mentioned rear end out of swiping range.

The Ladder

July 16, 2011

It looked like they had no way out. Ever so slowly they turned a corner. Well… a half corner. The ground sloped down. Whatever it was that was following them was very close now. The Monkey and Donkey could practically feel it breathing down their necks. The Monkey did a double take! There was a ladder hanging down the wall! The lowest rung was just out of reach but this was no problem for a smart and agile Monkey.